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What a load of B*llocks!

???? ??? ???? ?????? ??????? ????? ???? ????? ?????? I suspect like me the answer is no, it’s just a piece of kit we learn about from an early age. If you’re anything like my 5 year old they start off thinking it’s a mask, then very quickly learn it’s not! It’s one piece of […]

ProTek Chest Guard

So this product came about because of a message from a Pro at Surrey who was after something that offered a low-profile protective solution. Wearing a more traditional chest guard was bulky, and restrictive and drew attention to the fact it was worn by other bowlers looking to clear out the tail. Given my existing […]

Ayrtek Cricket

So I thought id start a little blog to give customers (or potential customers) some insight into what Ayrtek Cricket is all about, where we have come from and where were looking to go as a business. I say we, well its really I, as im now a one man entity having purchased the cricket […]