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About Us

Ayrtek Cricket Limited is a renowned company with over two decades of experience in the sports equipment industry, specialising in designing, developing, and innovating protective gear for cricket players. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a well-deserved reputation for producing cutting-edge products under the ‘Ayrtek Cricket’ brand name.

We are dedicated to research and innovation ensuring that our team collaborates with the leading sports experts in the UK, working tirelessly to create state-of-the-art technologies for cricket protective equipment. This level of expertise has allowed us to address critical issues in cricket gear, ensuring the safety and performance of athletes.

A notable achievement is the development of the “air-tech” innovation. Initially designed for cricket gloves, this technology was later adapted into a cricket helmet liner. The innovative aspect of this liner is its ability to inflate, allowing a single helmet to fit various head sizes effectively. This advancement not only enhances comfort for players but also significantly reduces the risk of injuries caused by peak flexion or sideways deformation upon impact from the ball.

The Ayrtek Cricket helmet design, developed through extensive research and consultation with experts, has truly revolutionised the cricket protection gear market. As a result, it has earned us several prestigious awards, reflecting the quality and impact of our innovations.

In 2016, Ayrtek Cricket Limited underwent a significant transition when the cricket division was acquired from its parent company. This strategic move has allowed us to operate independently, focusing solely on cricket equipment and innovation. Furthermore, the patent for the airliner technology has been expanded for use in broader sports and markets, underlining our commitment to expanding and diversifying our product offerings.

For any company looking to enhance its cricket product lineup or partner with a reputable brand known for ground-breaking sports equipment, Ayrtek Cricket Limited stands out as the ideal choice.

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